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Durst Couture

Limited edition fashions focused on modern corsets and unique staple pieces. Fun, edgy, and flirty designs to take you wherever in style.

Some of my recent
Custom Works.

A Face In A Faceless World

This collection is a social statement about corporations and how they see people as numbers, stats, and figures. But we are not! We are each individuals with different personalities, tastes, and interests and can be seen as individuals.
Fall Winter 2012/2013

Tea Party Domination
is a fun colourful collection inspired buy old world fashions and a pinch of the loveable characters from Alice in Wonderland. This collection is colourful and vibrant with colours seen separately that do not match but combine in a way that is playful to the eyes.  Not only is there contrasting colours but the fabrics used are contrasting in textures, lustre, and weights.  But mostly this collection is meant to inspire fun and creative times.